Software Develpoment Services

Software Develpoment

Modern Design

TS Technologies offers a proven service that can build, maintain and enhance enterprise systems to deliver value to your business. (apps).

Enterprise Web Applications

Leverage the benefits of web applications - Available to your employees and customers anytime,anywhere,deliver seamlessupgrades,connect with social networks and access advanced analytics and tracking.

Mobile Applications

Android, iPhone, Tablets and Windows Phone applications that integrate with your existing systems and provide superior convenience to your customers and users.

Legacy Systems

We are experienced in handling critical legacy systems, replacing or updating them with new technologies to extend their useful life.

Industry Specialisation

We have specialised experience in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and logistics sector, with deep knowledge of regulatory requirements and the handling of sensitive data.

Enterprise Business Systems

Need a new system developed from scratch? Support, maintenance and enhancements including but not limited to intranets, task tracking, budget, inventory and point of sale systems.

Project Recovery

If you've terminated a relationship with an existing provider and need to pick up the pieces or need resources to help a struggling internal team - We help get troubled projects back on track to meet your deadlines.